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BEWARE OF ARTISTS. They mix all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.


On the Something Awful forums I’m currently playing a game of HeroQuest 2 set in Glorantha. I play as Talmakos Tragonid, a nobleman (and a heavy cavalryman, identified by his panoply made of pure Tin) who is currently on a religious quest to become a Man-Of-All, someone who transcends the caste boundaries of the Malkioni. On the right is Neleos the White, a wizard from the society of immortal atheists that all other Malkioni (including Talmakos) descend from. Neleos thinks Talmakos is insane, because he flaunts the castes based on some goofy prophet’s words. Talmakos doesn’t give a shit, and asks Neleos what he likes to do for fun and how many friends he has back home. (The answer is none because the guy’s an exile)

All art done by Jenx, who does great stuff with Glorantha (and who plays as the wizard)

The fact that Neleos and Talmakos haven’t tried to kill each other yet still amazes me.

  • 19 August 2014
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