Bits and Scribbles

BEWARE OF ARTISTS. They mix all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.

An Aldaryami (specifically a Brown Elf) in his or her forest. This was a commission piece, a sort of companion on the Dwarf from earlier. In Glorantha Elves (or Aldaryami, as they call themselves) is a collective term for a number of, sometimes quite different, living beings, who’s only real similarity is the fact that they are all some kind of living plant. The Brown Elves have no need to interact with humans or other mortal races, and so their form is barely humanoid, having only the rudimentary trappings of the Man rune - Bark and heartwood mimicking the shapes of organs that serve no use to it. It’s bark is painted with the Plant, Man, Life and Earth runes.And yes, I’m still alive baby! More stuff to come soon!