Bits and Scribbles

BEWARE OF ARTISTS. They mix all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.

An Argan Argar merchant greeting someone.
What we have here is an Uz (called Trolls by humans). Uz are the people of Darkness, and are one of the oldest races in Glorantha. While most encounters between Uz and other people results in violence (The Uz are perpetually hungry, so they usually just try to eat whoever or whatever runs into them), that is not always the case.
Argan Argar is the Troll god of trade, diplomacy and peaceful contact with non-trolls. His scared weapon is the spear, which all of his followers use. Most Argan Argari are typically male Dark trolls, since they are considered the most expendable, and thus best suited with venturing on the surface and dealing with other races. Argan Argari usually learn several languages to better deal with people, and typically dress in gaudy and overblown costumes, in a rather poor attempt of displaying wealth in a way a human might understand it. While most worshipers are Uz, there are some humans who also follow Argan Argar, typically working as diplomats and emissaries between Orlanthi clans and nearby troll populations.
A relatively minor cult in Sartar, Argan Argar has a lot more followers south in Esrolia, where he is considered one of the many husbands of the goddess Ernalda, and thus an accepted and celebrated role for men to take.