Bits and Scribbles

BEWARE OF ARTISTS. They mix all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.

Pavis and the Faceless Statue.
This time, we have an actual character from Glorantha’s history - Lord Pavis, the creator of the city of Pavis. Pavis (the man) was a unique individual who lived during the Second Age. Half-Aldryami (elf), he was the result of a magical experiment to perfect a being that could unite all the different races who are shaped by the Man rune. This didn’t happen, however he did create a settlement in the harsh wastes of Prax - the city that bares his name.
The Faceless Statue was a mysterious gigantic statue that Pavis managed to animate with his magic and traveled with it to Prax, where he had it fight and defeat Waha, the Praxian nomads’ great spirit and patron god. The Statue was then used to build the city.