Bits and Scribbles

BEWARE OF ARTISTS. They mix all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.

A Fonritan Slave-Soldier.
What’s this? This isn’t Orlanthi at all! For a change of pace, I drew this guy as a request/challenge. Fonritans are a people who live on Glorantha’s southern continent, and have a very…unique view of the world. Fonritan (Fonritian?) culture is based around slavery. They see the connection between the body and soul as slavary, between people and gods and so on, so you own slaves, and you are owned by someone else in turn. Even the so called “free men” are still enslaved to a higher power.
Fun fact, this guy’s skin isn’t some artistic choice on my part, some Fonritans really do have slate-gray skin like that. Like the Orlanthi they tattoo themselves, though they also practice scarring as you can tell by his arms and face. Scars and tattoos are used to show runic affinities, but also used to mark a slave, so it’s easy to identify who his or her master is.